2018: My Year of Obedience

2018. My year of obedience. That's what I've coined it anyway. Up until the last moments of 2017, I didn't have the same understanding of obedience that I do now. So, I'm choosing it. I'm choosing the less comfortable path this year, and I think I'm okay with it. See, all my life, I've walked … Continue reading 2018: My Year of Obedience

Bitterness, Even in Joyous Seasons

Blindsided. Life has seemed so completely good and happy compared to my normal cycle of feelings. Summer has always been such a  joyful season to me, but for some reason I've been so bitter and frustrated throughout this one. Unexplainably bitter. and for the longest time, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't make it … Continue reading Bitterness, Even in Joyous Seasons